Upcoming Meets

City meets to commence again...

Starting from 19th March 2011, every Saturday from 3.30pm onwards there will be a RSA City Meet held at The Moto Cafe near Chandni Chowk. All RSA members are requested to drop by at their convenience.

In Focus: This week's meet will host a screening of some adrenaline-packed motorcycle videos and movies.

Got any feedback or suggestions? Leave us a scrap below:

Chris Pfeiffer coming to Pune!

Stunters rejoice! Stunting guru and world champion, Chris Pfeiffer, is back in India and is visiting Pune on the 1st of April 2011. The blokes at Red Bull have been kind enough to give us a formal invitation to the event. Chris Pfeiffer will be performing live at the Pancard club in Baner, Pune.
For our stunter friends in the other parts of India, I have attached the event schedule right here.
In case you need any more details, ask them in the comments section below.

Cheers and Ride Safe!

- Rash

Special thanks: Nikhil Sood from The Moto Cafe.

Yamaha Racing ATI-MAX Results !

YAMAHA circuit racing event:

Imran shaikh rank 2nd in qualifying round n 3rd in final expert class.

Imran Shaikh

Jeevan - 1st in R15 novice class qualifying, But crashed in final round and he was holding 2nd position.

Ashish - Ranked 4th in FZ expert qualifying round, But didn't make it to next qualifying Race.

Shekhar - 1st in FZ expert qualifying round, Was holding 1st position for 2 laps in FZ expert class, But on 3rd lap he was crashed.

Hard luck 2 all those member who could not win, Congrats to Imran once again.

Long Live Rubber Smokin' Angels \m/ !!


GUYZ its great new'z for all YAMAHA riders...KAMALA yamaha has organise an circuit racing in wadala on 12th dec...all RSA member's can particpate in this event.... 1 driving licence, yamaha FZ OR R15 with helmet an shoes is compulsary........

for details contact shekhar (9922555926)

Angels Riding Out To Mahabi !

Ride to Mahabi is canceled due to rains !

Ride Safe,
Devils Doom,

Attention Angels !!

Hello Angels,
15th August ride will be done in conjunction with NCP Bhavan (Government) & KD Square. Snacks will be sponsored to all the members. Meet at 6:00am outside Costa Cafe (S. B. Road). The ride will be covered by the media. Members (riders and pillion) will not be allowed to ride without their helmet. Spread the word! For more details contact Sushil Murthy.

Devils Doom,

Rubber Smokin' Angels "The Record Breaking Kid"

Hello Angels,

The lap record of Mutha (5.8 kms) Of Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSi - 3.54.06, and now its has been broken by Abhilash Sangam / Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi - 3.52.00, The Adrenaline was rushed into everybody but very sad of rains, so i ask to all the Angels to be prepared for the Proving Rounds which will be happening after the rains are completely faded away. And Congratulations to Abhilash and his Bike, I wish him Luck and Godspeed .

Once again it has been proven that any rider who will try to cross their line at Mutha will be Owned by RSA !!

Ride Safe,
- Devils Doom,

Ride On Sunday

Team RSA Rides the Good Old timer ghats again, the Khambatki one way ghat, the wai ghats (they have resurfaced it :D), so lets ride back to past on the fast track of golden moments, lets do this....Meet at Chandani Chowk at Jijai !!, Spread the Word !!

Happy Holi To All Angels !

Happy Holi to all Angels, may this festival of colors bring peace and harmony to you and your family, may this festival of colors show u more beautiful ghats to ride,peaceful and empty roads to stunt. May your engines rev more freely and highy.

Happy Holi Angels,

From Devils Doom @ Rubber Smokin' Angels.

Photo Source: http://swarooproy.deviantart.com/art/meera-in-mood-of-holi-155716152

Team RSA Performing Stuntshow

Team RSA Performing Stuntshow at ITM Business school,Kharghar, opposite Hiranandani Complex, Navi mumbai on 26th Feb 2010 at 5:30 PM. any RSA member interested in coming please contact. Hrishi- 9767970144.

Attention RSA Members : Stunt Show @ Symbiosis Canceled

RSA Stunt Show on Saturday, 20/02/2010 at 4.00 pm at Symbiosis Centre for management Studies, Viman Nagar, Airport Road, has been called off because of the bomb blast its gonna happen next month

Devils Doom.

Attention all RSA members !!

A Request to all the RSA Members . . .
Kindly fill all your personal details in the given format and send one of your own whacky/witty pictures on rubbersmokinangels@gmail.com or post the details here as a Comment or a Scrap.
[PS*-Please do it as soon as possible as we have to update the member database for professional reasons.]

Blood Group:
Strength: Stunts, Drags, Long Rides
Contact: [Mention them only if you are comfortable with your contact details being made public.]
Special Mention:

Thank you everyone.

Devils Doom

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Rubber Smokin' Angels,

It is a great pleasure for all of us to step into our sixth year of existence now. In the five years that we completed today, we have achieved a lot, taught a lot, been talked about a lot and have talked a lot too! But the most important achievement for us has been the fact that in all these years, we have made better bikers out of a lot of 'wannabies'. I'm proud of being a part of such a team that has not only made fellow members proud, but has also carved out our group as an important part of the Indian motorcycling community. I'm wishing all of you my heartiest congratulations and giving you my best wishes for the future.

P.S. The party is on! However since most of our members are not available at the moment due to exams/vacations/official reasons, we will celebrate the anniversary in the first or second week of November. Sorry for the delay caused - but believe me, it will be worth the wait!

Warm regards
RSA Prez

Messages to the group from fellow members:

Soulreaper says:
May we always be bikers from the heart, soul and mind. With the winds of change, we change our directions towards new spirits of biking, but never lose our soul, but take our soul with every corner. Wishing all a very happy anniversary.

Speedy says:
5 years have gone by and it has been a roller-coaster ride for all the angels...Let us continue contributing to our religion, that is biking. Long live RSA. Amen.

Turbocharged says:
Wish a very happy anniversary to all the fellow angels.

Rohan Sachdeo says:
Happy anniversary to everyone. Where the fuck is the party?

PriyuB says:
Happy 5th anniversary to everyone. Mat the gods continue to bless the Angels with fast bikes, lots of fuel, good roads and great friendships...

Road Rage says:
Wish you all a happy anniversary. Quite frankly its been more than 6 months since I last rode a bike. But once an Angel, always and Angel.

Whens the party?? Congrats everyone :)

Happy anniversary 2 all the angels. Lets Ride!

Gaurav Bose:
Long live RSA...\m/


All RSA members meet up at university road, next to the bus stop( where the road widens) at 8 AM in the morning, group along with all the other members and do a city ride. The meet is not considered cancelled even if there are rains, we might have an alternate route just in case.

Place Map Attached on the following link :


Timing 8AM
University Road

Long time...

Hello Angels,

Its been a long time since we all rode together. Been even longer since we all spent time together over food and drinks! So why not just have a ride down to some place where we all can spend some great time like the good ol' days ?!

Here's the plan..we ride down to Goa in the last week of July.

We are planning to leave for Goa on the 25th (Friday), chill out on Saturday and ride back to Pune on the 28th (Sunday).

We are not making any 'stay' bookings from Poona. Whatever number of people turn up for the ride on Friday morning will ride down, and we'll directly check-in on arrival to Goa.

Members who wish to drive down are welcome too.

More details will be updated as the plan unfolds further. Till then, you can buzz me on 9822217198 for details and conformation. Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.

- Rash

Attention All Members - Meet Update

RSA Club Meet happening this Sunday at Stink Flats.
RSA Stuntaz and Riderz meet up.
We all will gather at Gera Junction, Kondhwa at 8.00am on Sunday. We shall proceed to Stink Flats at 8.20am sharp.

The club has subsrcibed annually to an online sms package for sending messages to the club members.

RSA SpeedRun 2008 Results & Video

Video compiled by Amit a.k.a Feral from RSA Stuntaz ! ! !

Speed Run 2008 Results

Fastest Indian Wheelie - Bhuvan Chowdhary a.k.a. Souly

Second Fastest Indian Wheelie - Pranil Gore

165-210cc Indian 4 Stroke Drag - 3rd - Ankit Mishra a.k.a Crash King

Below 501cc Foreign Bikes Drag - 1st Mukul Nanda a.k.a Muksdachux

Congratulations to All ! ! !

Party details will soon be updated on the blog !

First Proving Rounds Results

Fastest Time of the Day:
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .55 .00

98cc-110cc Class
Siddhesh / Suzuki Shogun: 5 .00 .63

111cc-160cc Class
Fastest Time of the Day:
Sagar / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .19 .66

Overall Timings:
Yatindra / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .37 .24
Amol / Honda Unicorn: 4 .22 .71
Abhilash / TVS Apache: 4 .29 .61
Ninad / Bajaj Pulsar 150C: 4 .19 .83
Sagar / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .19 .66

161cc-250cc Class
Fastest Time of the Day:
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .55 .00

Overall Timings:
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .55 .00
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .58 .44
PriyuB / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .03 .44
Rash / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTS-Fi: 4 .00 .24
Hrishi / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .12 .58
Loki / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .28 .95
Pranav / Bajaj Pulsar 180C: 4 .37 .91
Himanshu / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .32 .73
Mux Da Chux / Bajaj Avenger: 5 .06 .94

Royal Enfield Class
Shadowfax / Standard 350: 4 .47 .00

Scooter Class

06/10/07 New Practice Timings

Fastest Time of the Day:
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .01 .00

98cc-110cc Class
Sidhesh / Suzuki Shogun: 5 .07 .43

111cc-160cc Class
Yatindra / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .23 .44
Amol / Honda Unicorn: 4 .25 .75
Abhilash / TVS Apache: 4 .31 .28
Ninad / Bajaj Pulsar 150C: 4 .32 .28

161cc-250cc Class
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .01 .00
PriyuB / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .03 .54
Rash / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTS-Fi: 4 .04 .30
Souly / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTSFi: 4 .06 .00
Hrishi / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .12 .94
Pranav / Bajaj Pulsar 180DTSi: 4 .17 .19
Pranil / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .18 .28
Ashwin N [Wild Card Rider] / Bajaj Pulsar 180C: 4 .19 .54
Manav / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTS-Fi: 4 .20 .44
Ashish P / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTS-Fi: 4 .26 .30
Amit R / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .27 .68
Habeel / Honda Unicorn [Modified]: 4 .27 .79
Himanshu / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .41 .85
Devil’s-Doom / Bajaj Pulsar180C: 5 .11 .05

Royal Enfield Class

Scooter Class
Motorcycho / Honda Dio: 5 .00 .17

Proving Rounds about to Begin . . . Gear Up Fellas !

The start of October means, everyone readies to prepare for the Proving rounds.


Non- Geared: Stunters will be performing on their non-geared bikes, and they will be given points according to the stunts they do. On the tally of points they will be awarded their ranks by the end of the day.

Geared Bikes: All the geared bikers will be called for this round where they will be performing on their geared bikes, they will score according to the tricks/stunts that they perform and will be given levels accordingly.
  1. Helmets are compulsory for each and every biker of the club
  2. It is not advisable to stunt without proper gear, a jacket gloves and shoes are the minimal
  3. While riding in a group, it is mandatory to follow the formation which the lead riders are following.
  4. No stunts are allowed while riding in a formation/group ride.
  5. A rider is a responsible person, respect the road, other people on it, and do not because others inconvenience.


  • Registration process will take place on coming Saturday's Practice Session. Only the registered members will be entitled to participate in the proving rounds and get their respective Levels.
  • There will be one practice session this weekend followed by three proving rounds over the next three weekends. Each rider will get only three rounds per proving session, which equals to nine rounds in all.
  • The timings will be directly posted on the blog and nobody shall question the timekeeper regarding his or her timings at the venue. Once the timings are posted online everybody will be notified accordingly.
  • Riding gear is mandatory, which includes a full face helmet, full length gloves, full length socks, ankle length shoes and at least a double lined/thick jacket.
  • A motorcycle scrutiny will be held at Chandni Chowk and only the bikes qualifying according to the safety regulations will be allowed to participate.
  • Everyone will have to gather at Chandni Chowk and nobody will be entertained who reaches directly at the venue.

Saturday, 08 September 2007 Timing Results

Fastest Time of the Day:
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .54 .6

Four-Stroke Class

98cc-110cc Class
Sidhesh / Hero Honda Splendor: 5 .30 .5

111cc-160cc Class
Abhilash / TVS Apache: 4 .24 .1
Habeel / Honda Unicorn: 4 .23 .9

161cc-250cc Class
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .54 .6
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .57 .7
Souly / Bajaj Pulsar 220DTSFi: 4 .06 .5
PriyuB / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .07 .3
Himanshu / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 4 .42 .4
Devil’s-Doom / Bajaj Pulsar180C: 4 .30 .4

Royal Enfield Class
Shadowfax / RE Standard 350: 4 .38 .1

Scooter Class
Jerry [Eeshan] / Kinetic Blaze: 4 .48 .1

New Mutha Timings !

Mutha Ghat
Total distance: 5.8km

Fastest time:
Rash / Honda VFR800: 3 .51 .7

111cc to 159cc Class:
Habeel / Honda Unicorn: 5 .12.0

161cc to 250cc Class:
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .55 .4
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 200DTSi: 3 .57 .3
PriyuB / Hero Honda Karizma: 4 .17 .6

RSA in print again : BAJAJ ANNUAL REPORT

Bajaj Auto's Annual Report

RSA Members rejoice !!! 2 of our members - Soulreaper and Abby have been featured in the 62nd Annual Report for Bajaj Auto. As you all know, Bajaj extended their 'Pulsar' line up this year with two new bikes in the quarter-liter category with the Pulsar 200 and the Pulsar 220. What followed was some bold and aggressive advertising to mark the difference compared to its rivals. The Annual Report is no different. It not only displays some tall profit and sales figures, but also some aggressive riding stances for the 220 and 200 - thanks to RSA members Soulreaper and Abby.

Soulreaper stunting on the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi !

RSA has been associated earlier with Kinetic Motors and still continues to work closely with them. Now, with the start of a new association with Bajaj Auto, in the form of the Annual Report, RSA has not olny proved its worth once again, but has also taken a major step forward in displaying the kind of impact that we are making on these companies. Soulreaper has put a golden lining to this by taking RSA further and performing in a first of its kind Stunt Show for the launch of the new Pulsar twins in Aurangabad in July 2007 (for more details log onto www.stuntindia.com).

Abby laying the Pulsar 200 DTSi down the corners . . .

We are proud of the fact that RSA has been in print once again with the Annual Report 2006-2007 for Bajaj Auto. This is a new benchmark that we have set once again and should motivate our Members from all fields to perform better and better in the times to come..

- team RSA

Proving Rounds

Proving Rounds :

RSA conducts a few rounds in its three main areas of motorcycling - Stunts, Drags and Rides. These rounds are conducted to find out the improvement levels amongst the members in their chosen field of expertise. According to the improvement in their skills, they have to prove their 'level' in these rounds. Hence these rounds are termed as 'Proving Rounds'. As you all know, the Proving Rounds had been conducted a few months back. The next Proving Rounds will now be held in the month of October (all 4 weekends).

So if you wish to prove your metal and climb up the Member-Level ladder, start gearing up. October aint far away...

- Rash

Links for the April Proving Rounds




Who needs riding gear? huh? Not us, because . . .

Riding without boots and crashing might cost you some road rash or foot mash or even in an extreme case might lead to amputation. You might never walk without a limp. You might battle a weight and fitness problem for the rest of your life. You might never walk with pain. But it probably wouldn't kill you.

Riding without gloves and crashing might cost you some road rash or a munched hand or the severe, excrutiating pain of mangling a body part rich with nerve endings. Or you could lose a finger or two. It could cost you the ability to play ball with your son, or to hold a beer. But it probably wouldn't kill you.

Riding without at least an armored jacket and leather trousers or full leathers or an Aerostich or even just a leather jacket and jeans and crashing might cost you serious road rash. You might grind off a nipple. But it probably won't kill you. Read more . . .

Scroll below and Read !

It has been a long time since all the RSA Members have interacted amongst themselves. Riders have been busy with their Sunday Rides, while Stuntaz have been burning rubber and riding on one wheel on Sundays. Draggerz are chilling out for the time being.

Its time that we all spend sometime together as a Club to know each other and have a great time as a Biker Club. Hence, every week all the members are requested to take out time for the Bike Night. Show-off your bikes, riding gear, modifications, babes, anything and everything.

Know more about bikes, discuss, debate, decide your next ride. Talk about your on-road experiences and have a blast doing so.

All RSA Members are kindly requested to pass the word and be present there.

Rubber Smokin' Angels

Proving Rounds new results !

Mutha Ghat (Click Here to check out the Ghat)
Total distance: 5.8km

Fastest time of the day:
Lucifer / Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi: 4 .14 .43

New Levels Achieved at the Proving Rounds

111cc to 159cc Class:

Members qualified for Level 3 (Pro Level)-
Yatin / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .21. 63
Sagar / Hero Honda CBZ: 4.25.66

Members qualified for Level 2 (Intermediate Level)-
Amol / Honda Unicorn : 4.39.02
Nicky / Hero Honda CBZ: 4 .45 .79

Members qualified for Level 1 (Beginner Level)-
Gaurav Bose / Honda Unicorn: 4. 56. 26

161cc to 250cc Class:

Members qualified for Level 3 (Pro Level)-
Rash / Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi : 4 .15 .00
Speedy / Bajaj Pulsar 180 2002 : 4 .18 .08
Loki / Hero Honda Karizma : 4 .22 .74
Lucifer / Bajaj Pulsar 180 2002 : 4 .25 .13
Lance / Bajaj Pulsar 180 2002: 4 .29 .20

Members qualified for Level 2 (Intermediate Level)-
Chinmay / Bajaj Pulsar 180 2002 : 4 .31 .52
Ishan / Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi : 4 .38 .06

Members qualified for Level 1 (Beginner Level)-
Pranav / Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi : 4. 32.50
Kavita / Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi : 5 .01 .10

New RSA Wallpaper ! ! !

Wallpaper submitted by Soulreaper.

Proving Rounds Pictures in Media Gallery

Proving Rounds Timings posted by Prospects and guests:


PriyuB / Hero Honda Karizma: 4.40 .24

Pankaj / Bajaj Pulsar 150: 6.06 .54


RIDE, a four letter word, which for many holds equal or more value, as compared to other four letter words like LOVE, SEXY or even FUCK !!! A ride in itself can be classified into a lot of types like breakfast ride, long ride, overnight ride etc. When we ride, our destinations are a chosen few – so few that they can be counted on your finger tips. Many do complain about the same too, because the destinations get repetitive over time. But what is being forgotten here is that it’s not the destination we are riding for, it’s the journey. A journey that consists everything starting from city roads to highways, slow and tight corners to 100+ kmph sweeps and most important – an experience that fits together better than a jigsaw puzzle with single, twin and even four cylinders revving together.

25th March 07, a day we would never forget for a lot of reasons.

The time period we went on the ride, coincidently is also the time period the movie ‘300’ has been burning the Indian box office. Yes, I know you are already thinking that I’m about to start comparing the ride and the movie. You are right. This idea may sound insignificant and mad. But this isn’t madness, this is RSA.

Pictures in Media Gallery.

What happened a night before Sunday, was a RSA Dinner. The regulars were there and a few newbies too. The Sunday ride was planned quite some time before the dinner. Discussions happened about the plan, the probable members who would come for the ride were also being short listed. According to the new rules of the group, Rides and Stunt meets are to happen parallel so that the Stunters get their weekly dose of action and the Riders can enjoy theirs, before mother nature decides to wet the roads later in the year.

The downside of this though is that turnout reduces significantly. Nevertheless, the members enjoy what they joined in for.

As Sunday morning dawned, people started exchanging wake up calls. They all wanted to ride, together. Everyone was very excited about the ride. After gathering at the usual meeting place and waiting for all to do the same, we found that the number of members who had gathered was not very encouraging. Just the way a handful of Spartans went against the rules and prepared for war, we did not let our excitement die down. We had to go ahead with the ride and make the most out of it. Just the way the 300 odd Spartans were some of the finest the land had to offer, the members who had come for the ride and their machines were some of the finest one could imagine riding with -

A bike journo who believes that the handlebar is mightier than the pen – Speedy on a P180C

A racer who wants to undo the fact that the racer should not get his hands dirty in the pits – Kiran on a P220DTSFi

A rider aboard a 1000cc bike that wears the uniform of one of the best racing machines ever built – Sam on a Repsol Replica 1000RR

A car guy who thought bikes were uncomfortable, until he started riding one the way its meant to be ridden – PriyuB on a Karizma

A family man who found his long lost love, away from his family – Morpheus on a CBR 600RR

A tuner form downtown, better known as ‘Mad Bawa’ aboard a technical masterpiece – Mad Bawa on a BMW R1200

And finally a guy better known for his crashes than his achievements, clinging onto the fastest bike in the world – Rash on a GSX1300R Hayabusa.

The start of the ride made the highway sound like an Orchestra Pit, with the seven bikes playing their favorite musical notes in tune with each other. Though is sounded mesmerizing to many, to us it was like the sound of the battle horn. It had begun and there was no turning back. Like the Spartans, we would die but would not be frightened of the hurdles the roads or the ride had to offer us. The first setback came when the Repsol pulled over complaining of a loose right handle bar. But with some quick help from the Tuner-Racer Kiran and the Mad Bawa, the problem was overcome and our march continued. As we took the Katraj by-pass, the open roads were a sight we had been dying for, for quite a while. As the Busa with its free flow ‘can entered the Tunnel, the sound and its reverb was enough to frighten the mortals who were moving around like slaves in their cages. Whenever the traffic used to slow us down, the puny single cylinders would find small spaces to penetrate through them. In this way we could stick together in terms of the road covered. Our next stop was at the re-fuelling station to feed our might beasts. After that every biker was on his own, only waiting to regroup at the next stop – the Toll Booth before Khambatki.

The route to Khambatki is quite tricky. Why I say this is because, though it offers some beautiful high speed sweeps and straights, its often very crowded. As it is the only route from Pune to Bangalore, all the commercial vehicles use the same. To add to that, it is also the route to one of the most famous hill station – Mahabaleshwar and that adds a lot of family vehicles to the traffic. 80 kmph is fast enough for the family cars and legal enough for the right (fast) lane. But for us who like to see the needle above 100 kmph all the time, it’s a hurdle, a big slow moving hurdle !! And this is even before we get down to things like sudden lane changes, improper brake / turn signals, illiteracy of highway ethics and the like. Alas, its better left unsaid. Whenever I take a higher capacity bike on this route, what I generally wait for is the last few kilometers before the famous toll booth. This section offers some of the fastest straights and coincidently I have been lucky with scarce traffic on these sections every time I have taken a ‘big’ bike. What we managed yesterday was 4 gears red-line and 5th gear 9,000 RPM on the Hayabusa. The 600 on the other hand clocked speeds in excess of 200 kmph. The Busa was very confidently grounded even at those speeds and returned some excellent feedback. But still the sheer velocity was enough to send cubes of ice down my spine even under the hot circumstances. I was the first to reach the toll booth. I had done a similar run on the Fireblade a couple of times before this. But this experience was something that I’ll never forget for times to come. My pillion tells me that we hit the 300 kmph mark, a benchmark that many wouldn’t even dare to think of in our country. I could say nothing. A couple of tears did roll down my eyes, inside the helmet. But that was it, I didn’t have any room for softness. The emotions would have made me weak. There was still more to go. A bigger task in front, that of taking a Tourer through the curves of Khambatki, as if it were a race bike. Kiran and Priyub hadn’t stopped at any of the small regroups that we had in between nor at the refueling station. It gave them enough advantage to cross the Khambatkis before we reached the toll booth. We all regrouped at the toll booth and we rejoined by Kiran and Priyub. Khambatki was waiting for us. It was waiting to throw at us, some very good curves. We were ready to take them with the same affection we have every time. What was different this time though was, gravel on the curves, slow moving traffic on the fast sections and even some slippery coolant on one of the corners that usually has a very fast entry. But we dealt with it with some very good riding, and more important, very good team work. The leader as usual was indicating hand signals wherever required. In spite of all the hurdles Khambatki was conquered in no time and not a single rider was lost. The heat was getting worse as the hands of the clock moved. It was time for some refreshments. The regular Dhaba we sit at welcomed us with open arms again.

While the food and drinks came, we were all very excited about the way the ride had progressed so far. What had been planned earlier was, multiple laps of the Khambatki and back home. But because the ride till now was done in good time, we started toying with the idea of marching further into the Wai ghats and conquer some more land. Without doubt, the idea was soon turned into practice and we set out for Wai – Panchgani. As we approached at the at the foothills of the Wai ghats, its was time to refuel the beasts with gasoline. With the riders and their beasts refreshed, it was time to set these ghats on fire as well. Unlike the Khambatkis, these ghats offer an even greater threat – two way traffic. As you climb uphill, there is a much faster army of illiterate family cars and public transport vehicles heading down straight for you on the narrow road. If you intend to go fast on these curves, you need to follow a fast line, which is very difficult considering the oncoming traffic follow none. The route till Panchgani was finished at a very fast pace with not much traffic attacking us. What was going to be difficult now was the route to the final destination – Mapro Garden. The Sun was slowly getting over head as noon was approaching. The route to Mapro is tarmac laid through woods. The tall trees and their arrow headed branches and leaves were blotting out the sun rays. We had to ride in shade. Such scattered shadows can be very dangerous particularly because its gets very difficulty to analyze the curves, their banking, the bumps, the pot holes etc. which are some of the worse enemies when it come to high speed riding. But we were not to be beaten here. We took the road and we took it fast. I was red lining the Hayabusa even in the curves and my pillion was hanging on for his dear life. Every bump and pot hole was sending enough rebounds to lead to tank-slapping, but we were still going flat out tackling them with as much strength I could use in my wrists. It wasn’t a different story for the others riders as well. The rest of the body weight was being used to tackle the steering of the bikes as the curves got faster and faster. The traffic was increasing and so was the denseness of the shadows. As the reading on our trip counters was increasing, the reading on the Mapro milestones started decreasing. We reached Mapro finally. So far so good. Along with me, it was Priyub who had reached. The CBR 600 followed. Kiran and Speedy were racing each other and went all the way till the end of the Wai ghats stampeding everything that ‘didn’t’ move. As I, Sagar (my pillion), Priyub, Morphues and Yatin (his pillion) decided to settle, we got a call from Mad Bawa. His brake hydraulics had suddenly failed and he ran wide on one of the curves. He was a little shaken up and didn’t want to ride further. Sam was with him at that moment. I and Sagar mounted the Karizma and went back to look for them. Thankfully, we found the rider and the ride standing on their feet. There was no physical damage on either of them. It was Mad Bawa’s confidence that was majorly damaged though. I rode the Beemer back to Mapro. On the way we saw Speedy and Kiran coming back for us. We regrouped and returned to Mapro.

At Mapro, Bawa opened his tool kit and started healing his beast while the rest of us decided to grab more refreshments. Speedy was busy ogling at the beautiful Oracles the great Mapro-land had to offer. Loki (another pillion), in the meantime, had decided to take Bawa’s case and was enjoying every bit of it, while Mad Bawa hated every bit of it. After some good time at Mapro and some good refreshments, we decided to head back to mother land. I was the first to leave among the group as I accelerated through the straights connecting Mapro to the ghats. After some ‘Isle of Mann TT’ kinda ride through the ghats, down to Panchgani, I was stuck in traffic. Kiran gained advantage over me and joined me in Panchgani. The Hayabusa had developed some altitude sickness till then. She had started fluttering and was not delivering much power. However, she had enough power to hit the road downhill. I and Kiran were feeling like kids with wooden swords. We fought all the way downhill. Sometimes like kids, sometimes like pilots in a dogfight and sometime like racers on a race track. We reached back to the foothills safely. My wrists were paining as if they had gone trough some third degree police torture. Talking of police, as soon as we reached down to foothills, some traffic police had caught some over-loaded people carriers. We parked in the shade of a tree and got off the beasts to relax till the others came back. The cops came, not for any legality, but to check out the bikes, the armor we were wearing and the likes. They were overwhelmed to see such stuff. By the time they back to the ground, the other bikers reached. Finally, Wai had reached the same fate as that of Khambatki. What followed after that was quite and slow ride back home. The roads had been conquered, unbelievable speeds had been reached and great team work had been showcased. Once again it is proved, that what has been written or said above, cant be understood easily, until you RIDE WITH THE ANGELS.

Contributed by Rash.


Anyone who hasn’t ridden a motorbike even once in their life probably won’t understand what I’m talking about. In fact, most of the millions for whom a motorbike is just an everyday tool for getting from point A to point B may not get it either. There was a time when I thought the world of cars & casually brushed off bikes as uncomfortable little crotch-rockets. Now, though my love for cars hasn’t died down, my respect & passion for bikes has shot way ahead.

I sometime sit & wonder why is it that I love bikes so. Of course, the sense of freedom a bike affords is just not comparable to anything else. Going around sweeping corners, over crests & undulations, as you shift your weight around, you realize that you & your machine are indeed one single entity. The feeling is probably akin to what a flowing river feels like. All your worries disappear & everything seems just right. On a bike, you actually feel like a part of the landscape. To quote Pirsig; “You see things vacationing on a motorcycle in a way that is completely different from any other. In a car you're always in a compartment, and because you're used to it you don't realize that through that car window everything you see is just more TV. You're a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame.”

But it’s not just this aspect of motorcycling that’s so appealing. The kind of bond one feels when riding with fellow bikers is really indescribable. All differences of age, sex, religion, education just disappear when you really ride with someone. It doesn’t matter if one is straddling an insipid little 150cc Indian “Sports Bike” or a 1000cc full-fat double-espresso Superbike, all one feels is a strong sense of camaraderie, love & profound respect. Borrowing a few lines from Shakespeare (with slight alterations, of course J);

“From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of bikers;
For he to-day that rides with me
Shall be my brother…”

That, I guess, put in a few words, is why I ride…

Contributed by PriyuB

Sweet Romance

For me motorcycles are unique in that they embody everything that is right about design, form, function and emotion. My first bike was a 2002 Pulsar 180, it's purchase was one of the most significant milestones in my life. It cemented my interest in motorcycles. Few products by their very nature so strongly connect form with function. Simplicity, power, visibile innovation, exposed structure; these are the things that interest me still. It demands a delicate sense of balance between power, control, and rider, with a style that seems to nearly emerge from these relationships. At the center is the human who must skillfully guide and control the experience.

No matter how long you have had your bike with you, there are those few times when you never knew how; but both you and your bike just seem to push your boundaries just that much further, miniscule as it may seem to the commom world; but within you and your heart you now know that you are much better at it than before; not because you beat someone on the ride; but because you know that the next time you go out with the bike; there's a whole new aspect of it that's waiting to hit you in the face... not as a truck thundering at you but more as a train ready to run you down and kill you (if that's what it takes) if you make the slightest mistake.

All these thoughts make no sense at all when thought about now sittin' at the table, but when you are out on the bike, even for the same daily commute, its frugal thoughts like this that make that commute worthwhile.

Contributed by Lucifer

Proving Rounds

Come April and every Angel will be ready to put his best foot forward. April first week will hold the Proving Rounds and according to your performance the Levels will be decided.

So make sure you have your time, bike and most importantly your goal sorted out before the first week of Aprilis.

Thank you.

I wish I could weave this more eloquently into a nice ride story, but ornamentation is often fake, which is why I shall avoid it for now. What I feel is very sincere gratitude which needs no ketchup.

Could’ve foreseen it. The type of bike was new to my Bullet-accustomed arse, and the rubber was bad. A tad bit hot in the corner, a calculated attempt to shave off speed mid-bend, crash and roadrash. A second or two by the roadside to check if all was fine with me, and a look behind to search for the bike. No bike, only a steep drop off the road. Worry. Look down below, scan for the bike. Spot it and feel your heart sink. Fuck.

We’re brought up thinking falls are ridiculous and a result of either incompetence or stupidity. The guilt built around wrecking a bike is enormous. Obviously, I wished to hit myself on the head. But here’s where things started getting different; weird even. Where I expected sly grins and understated ridicule, there was comforting. Where I expected help which came at a price, there was priceless assistance. Where I expected comments which would make any guy feel small and dumb, there were smiles, smokes and high-fives on offer. From people I’d known for two-friggin’-hours. This was new.

This is to let you guys know how unique, and more importantly, how special this culture that you guys have developed is. It is way too easy to feel ‘holier than thou’ before a man in trouble. It is natural to make yourself feel big by seeing someone make a mistake which you have so deftly avoided. Obviously, it is the norm in the world outside. Or maybe I’ve just been dealing with a wrong world.

What happened felt good because there was empathy. For the fact that the new guy shares the same mindset of being better and faster. And that this sometimes comes at a price, which eventually heals. That everyone who wishes to be fast crashes. And even if it is no badge of glory, once the big deal behind crashing is banished there is analysis, learning, growth, and a better rider just round the corner.

This is to say a million thanks. To Speedy for the sense, Kiran and Vikas for riding the difficult mangled remains to safety, Lokesh for the laughs, and Sagar for the Scorpio ride, the music and the drifts. I’m indebted for a friggin’ long time, if not for life. Thanks all you guys again for the support. See you soon. Cheers.


Angels Triumph Again !

RUBBER SMOKIN' ANGELS once again left their mark at the Mumbai Speed Run. RSA won two Golds and one Bronze at the Mumbai Speed Run this year.

Winners are as follows:

Import Bike Fastest Wheelie Class

  • Gold- Bhuvan Chowdhary / Honda CBR Fireblade
    • 1/8th Mile Timing: 6.4 seconds

Import Bike Below 600cc Class
  • Gold- Ashish Patel / Honda CBR400RR
    • Quartermile Timing: 14.253 seconds

Import Bike 600cc-750cc Class
  • Bronze- Abhijit Jadhav / Honda CBR 600RR
    • Quartermile Timing:12.419 seconds

To All the Angels,

Wishing You A Very High-Reving New Year ! ! ! RSA wishes all its Angels a year filled with some more high performance bike launches and ability to go even faster!
A Very very Happy New Year to ALL !

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Angels ride through the twisties in Amby Valley